Direct Referral

You can increase your earning by collecting direct referrals. Direct referrals are the users who joined under your referral link. You’ll find your referral link on “Banners & Referral link” page. You can also use their promotional banners to promote your referral link. Furthermore, you can also buy direct referrals from N-ads. The maximum number of direct referral depends on membership. You will get 50% profit from your direct referrals clicks (Standard ads only). N-ads can’t guarantee the clicks of direct referrals. They provide the referrals who clicked at least 10 ads on previous 4 days.. In this post, we will describe all the information about direct referral of n-ads.

Direct Referral’s Price
Package Price Validity
1 DR $1.00 Lifetime
3 DRs $2.75 Lifetime
5 DRs $4.00 Lifetime
10 DRs $7.00 Lifetime
25 DRs $15.00 Lifetime
50 DRs $25.00 Lifetime

Here, DR = Direct Referral.

Maximum Number Of Direct Referrals
Membership Maximum Direct Referrals
Standard 20
Silver 50
Gold 100
Ad-Viewer-I Unlimited
Ad-Viewer-II Unlimited
Ad-Viewer-III Unlimited
Ad-Viewer-IV Unlimited